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The Style Shift Workshop is brought to you by three gals and a wiener dog wearing a turtle neck. 

Laurel Kinney

Laurel is a Personal Stylist based in Austin, Texas with clients stretching coast to coast and a career spanning nearly a decade. Her work is composed of a variety of fashion-related engagements, from speaking gigs to photoshoots, in person closet sorting to styling through the wires. Laurel believes there is nothing more awesome than possessing a style you don’t have to be dismissive of or second-guess—Because why should you?! 

With a background in social work, her approach to styling applies a foundation of psychology and meaningful reflection resulting in a tailor-made experience unlike any forced fashion makeover you might see on reality T.V.  Her utmost goal is to help her clients realize that personal style is just another way to demonstrate all the powerful, shimmering qualities that make you unique, and that getting dressed can be a creative outlet with limitless positive results, not a rule-filled chore. 

When she's not making breakthroughs in her clients' closets you can find her brightening the block with her beloved wiener dogs, (finally) nailing Bakasana, or plotting her next inspired endeavor.

Stevie Sweeney

Stevie is also an Austin-based Stylist, focusing on editorial and commercial productions with her business, Bunny Sweeney Styling Co. With a knack for project management and administrative support, she's Laurel's right hand gal making sure there's always a method to the madness. When she's not hamming it up with her favorite fashion cohort, you can find her supporting other creative entrepreneurs, slinging vintage at a city pop-up, or whipping up one of kind garments in her sewing studio. 

Paula Wolf

Paula is the life blood and Lead Creative of Sister Wolf, a dreamy media duo out of Austin, Texas, providing cinematic content and visual representation for businesses and creatives alike. Paula's keen eye for detail and ability to incite beauty and interest to any subject, makes her work truly something to take in. Her propensity for genuine connection and quickness to intuit the whole heart of each undertaking, results in an unmatched representation of each project's implicit message and visual possibility. Put simply, she rules.


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