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The Style Shift Workshop

A Virtual Course in Style Discovery & Alignment



Have you made great strides toward improving your personal, professional, or creative life but left your style behind in the process?

Does your wardrobe feel disconnected from who you are right now, not to mention, where you’re going?




Do you have a closet filled with gems that never see the light of day? 

When you shop, does it seem like you're constantly ending up with one-track pieces that don’t quite get the wear you had expected?

Are there some days you just say, "Screw it!" and put on the same old, tired outfit only to feel  off your game  because you don’t really like what you have on?


Let's Change That!

Let's mindfully discover a style that expresses your true self. This course is going to help you look at the clothes you own differently, select new pieces that inspire and work for you, and discover outfits you'll want to put on, go out, and stay out in.

All on your own!


The Style Shift Workshop will give you the tools you need to pinpoint your own authentic, personal style: the style that shouts your most confident message to the world and the style that makes you excited to get dressed every day.

You’ll be able to sort your closet, shop mindfully, and create expressive outfits that take your unique style to the next level.

Course Modules

Each week a new lesson is released via a 15-20 minute video. Week One covers Self Reflection & Style Inspiration, Week Two takes you through Closet Sorting, Week Three we tackle Strategic Shopping, and finally in Week Four we marry together all that you've learned in Outfit Styling! Depending on the week, you'll need to budget anywhere between 30 mins and a couple hours in order to really engage in the process.


This ain't no bummer homework! Each week's video module will conclude with an interactive assignment to keep you on track and moving toward your goal. Downloadable worksheets, example mood boards, shopping jumpstarts, tipsheets and more are all locked and loaded, ready to get you flexin' that style muscle. Oh, and we're totally gonna sort your closet. You're finally doin' it!


Because we all get by with a little help from our friends. Or in this case, your fellow Style Shifters! Connect with me, (during my regular office hours), + everyone else doing the dang thing in a private, virtual community.  You'll be able to share photos of your victories, progress, and a-ha! outfits, plus lend an encouraging word to others doing the same. I'll share my expert insights and answer your most burning questions. 

Once you’ve completed the Style Shift Workshop you will feel more aligned, more clear in your style-related decisions, more confident in your clothes and more self-expressed. 

You'll be better able to embody what you want to project to the world, saving time by no longer second-guessing everything you put on.

"Working with Laurel was like talking with a trusted friend who gently steers you in the direction of your own intuition and gives you permission and encouragement to trust it again. That's a pleasant switch from fad-following and always wondering why things aren't working. Laurel helps you find YOU again and takes the "scary" out of curating your wardrobe."


"My biggest struggle before the Style Shift Workshop was never feeling quite pulled together, and always just defaulting to the same boring grey t-shirt or button down. The workshop helped understand why I dress the way I do, which was surprisingly personal and sentimental. I was inspired to try clothing I never would have picked on my own, and loved the result! My biggest takeaway is an ongoing effect, I'm continuing to refine my personal style each season, all while feeling confident and put together. I can't thank you enough!"

New Jersey

"Personal style has long been a struggle for me, partially owing to the fact that I often feel overwhelmed by my emotions and indecision (and not just when buying clothes, which I struggle with immensely). The Style Shift Workshop helped me realize that my personal style didn't necessarily need to be an inside-out reflection of my internal emotions, but could, in fact, work in reverse of that preconception and use my clothes as a way of grounding myself and projecting the sense of calm that I longed for, but didn't necessarily possess."

Washington, D.C.

"The Style Shift workshop was a refreshing learning experience for me. Before, I didn't know how to style myself, as that many of the trends I saw around me I didn't like or felt "too young". I had relinquished trying new clothes and was left with uncomfortable skinny jeans, boring t-shirts and slouchy hoodies. The workshop helped me to re-discover what I love about life and remind me of my best qualities. I learned how to express myself through my style, and now I feel confident and authentic when I step out everyday. During the workshop, Laurel led me through exercises putting words and images to my create my personal style. This portion in particular helped me learn how to view and select clothing pieces to keep my wardrobe cohesive, but not too predictable. Now, I wake up excited to look at my beautiful, purposeful wardrobe and put together my outfit for the day!"

San Francisco

"One of my favorite parts of the Style Shift workshop was the personal way Laurel interacted with each of us. Through the questions she asked, she was able to tease out some weird hang-ups about clothing that I didn't know I had. This allowed me to crystallize what my "personal style" is. Making it more fun was the fact that there was a group of similarly fashion-confused women going through the class with me. It was nice to be able to share photos of new outfits with them and get supportive, non-judgmental feedback."

Los Angeles

Course Launches April 22!

Video Modules will launch each Monday for 4 weeks.


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